Sync Your Life & Menstrual Cycle

Get ready to feel energetically in flow with the 4-phases of your menstrual cycle.

Learn how to work with your ever-changing hormone fluctuations so that you feel more energy, less anxiety, and more empowered in your body.

This guide was designed to help you live in flow with your cycle, with my favorite food and lifestyle tips - plus mantras.


You are going to

feel amazing after implementing these cycle tools.

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    Who am I?

    I'm a certified Fertility Awareness Educator who teaches women how to use FAM for 99.9% effective birth control and conception. I take a holistic approach, helping clients transition off birth control, support their natural hormones, and optimize fertility through my online FAM program + membership: LUNA.

    My Podcast:

    Healing Hormones is a space for honest discussions about all things menstrual health, hormones, and Fertility Awareness Method. It's time we drop the stigma around our periods and start opening up about the beautiful complexity of the body.

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